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Simple guide to Jailbreak iPhone 3.0 on Windows

June 23rd, 2009 1 comment
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Hi All,iphone

After much messing around, I have jailbroken my iPhone 3G that I updated to 3.0 firmware on Friday.

Please note that if you want to copy my instructions and do this to your own phone YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

NOTE: These instructions explain how to JAILBREAK an iPhone 3G NOT an iPhone 3GS.

“Jailbreak” means you can run ‘unauthorised’ applications that are not in the Apple Store – It does NOT mean ‘UNLOCK’  for use on other mobile networks. Please don’t ask me how to do that.

Ok, first of all, go to, follow the link and then download the 0.7.2 redsnow jailbreak app and unzip to a folder on your desktop.

Plug in your iPhone to the PC and ensure that you switch it OFF after you connect the USB cable.

Next run the redsn0w.exe file.

Browse to find your ipsw firmware file. This will be located in:-

 c:\Document and Settings\<your login name>\applications data\
     Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Update. 

I suggest you back up the ipsw file before you begin.

Click “Next” and ensure that you ONLY INSTALL CYDIA – If you install ICY, most of the dependencies get screwed up and you can’t download anything in Cydia.

Next follow the on-screen instructions carefully, which are:-

  1. Hold down the power button till the Apple logo appears
  2. Immediately hold down the Home button (whilst still holding down the power button) for about another 8 secs.
  3. Release the power button, but keep the home held down for another 20 secs

During this process, the PC may install a new USB driver. If things seem to fail because of this, just start the process from the beginning.

Once the Jailbreak process starts DO NOT DISCONNECT THE CABLE OR INTERRUPT IT!

The whole thing takes about 5 mins.

On completion, go into Cydia and search for OpenSSH and install that, then install WhatIP – Once both are installed, run WhatIP to get the IP address of your iPhone and then use something like PuTTY to SSH into your phone to test it.

The username is “root” and the password is “alpine” (these are the default), if you have been successful, you should see something like this:-


Now you may ask yourself “What are the advantages” of this?

Well, some of the ‘cute’ things that Apple have now released in their 3.0 update were previously available via Cydia.

Along with these things (like Cut’n’paste, video recording etc), there are a lot of apps that Apple simply did not want users to have access to.

Fundimentally the iPhone is a Linux phone based on a Debian distribution, and because of this there are a whole raft of applets and tools that are being ported to work on this phone.

Here are some examples of the Cydia app’s that I’ve installed and use:-

“Make it Mine” – This overrides the carrier name to anything you want.iPhone_MiM

“WhatIP” (mentioned above) – Shows the IP address of your iPhone

“CompactTV” – Watch or Download South Park, Family Guy, Simpsons and American Dad

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iPhone 3.0 Data Tethering on O2 (without the £14.68 a month!)

June 18th, 2009 No comments
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Hi All,

I’ve just upgraded my iPhone to 3.0 and was alarmed to see that to utilise Internet Tethering (which frankly, would be a ‘last resort’), I would need to pay O2 an additioanl £14.68 a month on top of my existing data connection!

Fear not humble iPhone users, there is a solution out there. Browse to this URL from Safari on the iPhone:-

Select your country and carrier,  and download the Tethering profile (ignore the warning message)

Note: This doesn’t mean you get data for ‘free’, but if you already have a ‘data package’ it should be included within that, rather than paying a separate ‘Tethering’ charge (like O2 are trying to get you to do!)

When you go back into Settings, General, Network you will now see that the Internet Tethering is ‘Off‘ (as opposed to ‘set up’)

If you now tap on the “Internet Tethering“, you get a new screen that allows you to enable it

Just as a footnote – if you are wondering how I captured the screens on an iPhone, simply press the top power button and the home button at the same time, and the current screen is saved to the camera roll.

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Nokia Unlock (BB5) for 6630 6681 6680 N70 N71 N90 N91

June 7th, 2009 No comments
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Hi all,

Nokia 6680

Nokia 6680

Having just upgraded to the iPhone, I then had the task of disposing of my old phone(s) – The problem is that the kids always want to steal my previous devices, but are on a different network to me.

One of the phones (a Nokia 6680) was SIM-Locked to Orange. This phone is of the type ‘BB5’, this means that the only way to unlock this till recently has been to take it to a shop. Well not any more!

This is the step by step guide to unlocking Nokia’s of the type: 6630, 6681, 6680, N70, N71, N90, N91

  • Get a DKU-5 (or equivalent F-Bus) cable. The normal USB cable that comes with the phone is not suitable, it must be an F-Bus cable.
  • Install Nokia PC Suite (any recent version)
  • Plug the cable into the phone and then into your USB port and let your phone get detected.
  • Close down any Nokia Applications that might start up.
  • Right-Click on My Computer, and then on ‘Manage’
  • Click on ‘Hardware Manager’ in the left-hand pane
  • Expand the ‘Ports’ section and check which port the Nokia phone is on – NOTE THIS DOWN!

Ok – Next stage is to get the software.

You need to get the BB5 Calculator from here: – [Direct Download LINK]

  • Unzip the file to C:\bb5_unlocker
  • Edit the “bb5_unlocker.cfg” file and change the COM Port to the one you noted above
  • Double-click on install.bat
  • Click on “READ PHONE”
  • When it says ‘Done’, click on “MAKE LOG”
  • Copy the xxx.log file (e.g. 317617303633274_BB5.log) from the /logs subfolder into the /psw folder
  • Click on Exit
  • Double-Click on BB5_calc.exe – it should say “Done”
  • In the /psw subfolder, there will now be an xxx.psw file. Open this is in Notepad, and you will have all the unlock codes. You can either enter these manually, or :-
  • double-click on BB5logunlocker.exe
  • click on SP Unlock

Following these instructions, I managed to unlock two 6680’s in 2 mins flat!

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