3GS Jailbreak finally arrives! Spirit FTW!

Avid reader,

You will of course know how difficult it has been for the humble 3GS iPhone user to JailBreak his/her phone. Well finally a group of elite hackers and coders have put together a ‘userland’ Jailbreak.

‘userland’ means simply – point and click… no complex restore processes; just plug your phone in and press ‘Jailbreak’

You can download it at http://spiritjb.com/

I’m off now to download all those Cydia goodies that I miss :o)

UPDATE – July 2010

This has now of course been superseded by www.JailbreakMe.com – this site doesn’t even require you to connect your iPhone to a PC, just simply visit the URL from Safari on the phone itself. Once complete, run all the Cydia updates, reboot and then you can install Ultrasn0w to allow full unlocking (at present up to 4.0.1 firmware) to any carrier.

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