Juicebox Retro Phone Picture Frame Hack

Yes, I know the title is a bit of a mouthfull, but how else can I explain what I did here. Whilst looking at various Blogs on Juicebox hacks (Like Joevennix’s one), I decided to have a go myself. Armed with a Juicebox + MP3/Picture kit (bought on eBay for £2.99!!!) off I went with the idea of a nice wooden […]

Microsoft Surface – Bill Gates Demo

Wow! [photopress:MinorityReport_wpeE.jpg,thumb,pp_image] I have seen this before, but it seems to have come on leaps and bounds… Microsoft ‘Surface’ changes the entire way a computer is used. Imagine that film Minority Report where a transparent screen allowed direct manipulation of content, well take a look at this:-

Grand-theft WiFi via “The Slurpr”

Well… it had to happen sooner or later – someone has come up with a WiFi aggregator that will allow you to ‘borrow’ bandwidth from your neighbours unsecured networks. Whilst WEP cracking is not in the unit at the moment, its probably going to happen… <snip> On June 1, 2007 Mark Hoekstra (geektechnique.org) will preview The Slurpr at The Next […]