WM6 finally available for Samsung SGH-i600 in UK (and Free!)

UPDATE: 12th May 2008

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Hi All,

We can you believe it? Finally we get WM6 (for Free!) from Samsung for our sexy little Euro-Blackjacks!

The link is: http://www.samsungmobile.com/promotion/i600/index.jsp

Countries now supported; Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and Ukraine – Austria still greyed-out….

Samsung Country List

OK, here are the steps required:-

  1. Visit the link above and click on UK
  2. Enter your version number, this should look something like i600???? to get this information, simply dial *#1546792*# on your phone, select 1 (Version), 2 (Software Version) and then make a note of what is detailed next to PDA Version
  3. Complete the contact details, along with the serial number on the back of your phone (under the battery). The Serial should be under the bar code and look something like R7WP44????? (*last 5 digits hidden for obvious reasons!)
  4. You should now see a screen that looks like this
    • Samsung Upgrade Instructions
  5. Install ActiveSync 4.5
  6. Right-Click save the Samsung Driver and then unzip into a folder somewhere and install using the “Setup.exe”
  7. Connect your i600 (It will re-detect the drivers for the phone at this point)
  8. You may be asked to ‘delete’ a profile (e.g. Windows PC 1) as it the Samsung only holds 2 profiles… just delete both as it makes no difference…
  9. BACKUP EVERYTHING!!!!! using ActiveSync… Well… Sync everything anyway. The Samsung FAQ’s state “During the update, all of your data, including your applications, contacts and games, will be erased Please note that it is possible to re-sync your outlook data once your new Firmware is installed, but this depends on your Active Sync settings and saved PC data before you upgrade.” – Browse to the phone and backup all your pictures, sounds etc.
  10. Download the Firmware Updater (I suggest using something like “GetRight” as its 90Mb!!!)
  11. Run the Updater…. wait a looooonnnnnggggg time
  12. Let the phone reboot as required, and there you have it…. Windows Mobile 6

Of course… all you need to do now is restore all your files and applications back again 🙁

NOTE: i600XXGD1 firmware (i.e. “De branded” WM5 as detailed in my other listings) seems to come up with “Invalid Version Number” when you run the Updater…. I will post more as and when I solve this….

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