Maintaining and modifying your Classic Land Rover Series, Defender or Discovery with Workshop Manuals and Maintenance Guides

Pictured above is my Series IIA “Winston” that I’ve finished restoring and is my “Daily Driver”

I now also own a Series III (restoration in progress) which can both be seen here:

Predictably though, various things can and will go wrong with these old vehicles, so I’ve compiled a list of manuals, guides and useful information here on my Blog. There is a permanent page for this here, but I thought I’d repost this in case any of you missed it!

In addition, I’m posting any docs I can find on the Discovery, Range Rover, Forward Control, Minerva, etc.

For those of you who own a ‘Series’ Landy, you have to read this blog article I found from one of my Twitter followers [link], or you also might want to add a warning light buzzer to stop your battery going flat [link]

Useful Documents

Please note that many of these PDF documents are *huge* – The usually consist of a page-by-page scan of the original workshop manuals that were provided by Land Rover at the time of manufacture. I have collated these documents from various .torrent, FileShare and forum sites across the web, so if you are the original owner, please let me know so I can credit you (and link to your original site)

PLEASE NOTE – THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS – New Documents will be added as and when I discover them!

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Defender and Variants

DocumentVehicle(s)Approx File-sizeLanguageLink(s)
Workshop Manual 1 to 5Defender 90 & 1104.7MbEnglish[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Workshop Manual SupplementDefender 90 & 1103.7MbEnglish[1]
[New] Electrical Diagrams 3rd EditionDefender 1997 onwards2.1MbEnglish[1]
New Labour TimingsDefender 1994 onwards2.1MbEnglish[1]
New Workshop ManualDefender 199316.9MbEnglish[1]
New Workshop ManualDefender 199716.9MbEnglish[1]
Conversion to Discovery 200TDiDefender 90 TD5.2MbEnglish[1]
Overhaul ManualDefender 300 TDi1.6MbEnglish[1]
Wiring DiagramDefender 20024.3MbEnglish[1]
LT77S Gearbox SupplementDefender 90, 110, 1301.8MbEnglish[1]
Parts Catalog (Land Rover)Defender 110 1987 onwards29MbEnglish[1]
Bearmach Fastparts CatalogDefender1.3MbEnglish[1]
Britpart Accessory CatalogDefender118MbEnglish[1]
Workshop ManualDefender 300 TDi 19977.6MbEnglish[1]
LT77 Gearbox ManualDefender 90, 110, 1302MbEnglish[1]
Water Ingress (Stop leaks) ManualDefender0.5MbEnglish[1]
Install Soft TopDefender0.9MbEnglish[1]
LT230 Transfer GearboxDefender1.6MbEnglish[1]
LT230T Transfer Gearbox OverhaulDefender1.2MbEnglish[1]
R380 Gearbox OverhaulDefender1.2MbEnglish[1]
Bearmach Parts Manual 2010Series IIa, III & Defender21MbEnglish[1]
Tuning TDi EnginesDefender TDi0.3MbEnglish[1]
Owners ManualDefender 90, 110, 130 TD5, TDi, V81.2MbEnglish[1]

Land Rover Ambulance

DocumentVehicle(s)Approx File-sizeLanguageLink(s)
Workshop Manual Parts 1 to 3Land Rover Ambulance 0,75 Ton3.6MbDutch[1][2][3]
Handbook Parts 1 to 2Land Rover Ambulance 0,75 Ton2.6MbDutch[1][2]
Repair and Maintenance Parts 1 to 5Land Rover Ambulance 0,75 Ton1.1MbDutch[1][2][3][4][5]

Series I

DocumentVehicle(s)Approx File-sizeLanguageLink(s)
Workshop – IntroductionSeries I1.5MbEnglish[1]
Workshop – ClutchSeries I1.9MbEnglish[1]
Workshop – CoolingSeries I1.6MbEnglish[1]
Workshop – ElectricalSeries I2.8MbEnglish[1]
Workshop – EngineSeries I4.4MbEnglish[1]
Workshop – GearboxSeries I2.5MbEnglish[1]
Workshop – LubricationSeries I0.7MbEnglish[1]
Workshop – Rear AxleSeries I0.7MbEnglish[1]
Workshop – BodySeries I1.4MbEnglish[1]
Workshop – SteeringSeries I1.8MbEnglish[1]
Workshop – Brake CylinderSeries I0.1MbEnglish[1]
X-Panda-Cab BrochureSeries I0.7MbEnglish[1]

Series II, IIa, III, Military and really obscure!

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DocumentVehicle(s)Approx File-sizeLanguageLink(s)
Fairley Overdrive Fitting InstructionsSeries I, II, IIA and III1.0MbEnglish[1]
Repair Operation ManualLand Rover 101 Forward Control20MbEnglish[1]
Amendment List [2], [3], [4], [6]Land Rover 101 Forward Control3.0MbEnglish[2][3][4][6]
Parts CatalogLand Rover 101 Forward Control9.5MbEnglish[1]
Minerva Owners ManualLand Rover Mineva3.4MbDutch[1]
Britpart Accessory CatalogSeries IIa & III118MbEnglish[1]
Bearmach Parts Manual 2010Series IIa & III21MbEnglish[1]
Workshop Manual Parts 1 to 7Series III25MbEnglish[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]
Workshop Manual Parts 1 to 8South Africa Series III12.2MbEnglish[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]
Parts Catalog 1 to 15Series III English[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]
Sankey 3/4 Ton TrailerAll Military0.9MbEnglish[1]
Wiring Diagram ASeries IIa / III / III Military0.8MbEnglish[1]
Wiring Diagram BSeries IIa / III0.7MbEnglish[1]


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DocumentVehicle(s)Approx File-sizeLanguageLink(s)
Timing Belt Intervals200 TDi (1990 – 1998) English[1]
Tuning TDi EnginesDiscovery TDi0.3MbEnglish[1]
Britpart Accessory CatalogDiscovery118MbEnglish[1]
Bearmach Parts Manual 2010Discovery 1, 2 & 321MbEnglish[1]


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DocumentVehicle(s)Approx File-sizeLanguageLink(s)
Britpart Accessory CatalogFreelander118MbEnglish[1]
Bearmach Parts Manual 2010Freelander 1 & 221MbEnglish[1]

Range Rover

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DocumentVehicle(s)Approx File-sizeLanguageLink(s)
Heating and Ventilation and AC19873.4MbEnglish[1]
Air Con19873.4MbEnglish[1]
Service Tools19870.6MbEnglish[1]
Wheels / Tyres19870.4MbEnglish[1]
Wipers / Washers19870.5MbEnglish[1]
Body / Chassis19875.2MbEnglish[1]
Fuel Injection19876.0MbEnglish[1]
New Automatic DiagnosticsZF4HP22 (1987)5.8MbEnglish[1]
New General Fitting Reminders19870.4MbEnglish[1]
Cruise Control1989 – 910.9MbEnglish[1]
Drive Shafts19870.3MbEnglish[1]
L322 Workshop ManualTD6, V828MbEnglish[1]
P38 Workshop Manual4.0 Petrol, 2.5 Diesel19MbEnglish[1]
Torque Values 1 – 41989 – 19914.0MbEnglish[1][2][3][4]
Britpart Accessory CatalogRange Rover118MbEnglish[1]
Bearmach Parts Manual 2010Classic, P38, L322 and Sport21MbEnglish[1]

Military Information

If you have an ex-military vehicle, there is a guide to obtain information about it’s history (when it went into service and where) at this link – you just need the Chassis Number. Look in the first spreadsheet to get the ERM number, then you can look through all the others for your vehicle! Within the codes; TMP = Training Material Park, OSU = Ordinance Support Park. You can download a full list of the MOD Acronyms [here]

Sales & Marketing / Brochures / Misc
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DocumentVehicle(s)Approx File-sizeLanguageLink(s)
Sales BrochureDefender8.2MbEnglish[1]
Dimensions / Specifications 2008Defender0.04MbEnglish[1]
Sales BrochureFreelander 25.3MbEnglish[1]
Sales BrochureDiscovery 49MbEnglish[1]
Sales Brochure (Accessories)Discovery 46.7MbEnglish[1]
Sales BrochureRange Rover 20117.5MbEnglish[1]
Sales BrochureRange Rover Sport 20118.8MbEnglish[1]
[New] T4 Diagnostics ManualDefender 1994 onwards2.1MbEnglish[1]
[New] TestBook User ManualDefender 1994 onwards2.1MbEnglish[1]

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New Chassis Number Formats (from Wikipedia)

International VIN, 1980-later17-characters,SAL______________
Int. VIN for LR do Brazil17-characters93R______________
Int. VIN for AAD, 1985-199517-charactersAAD______________
US/Canada VIN 1987-later17-characters_________________
International VIN14-characters (is actually 17 missing the SAL)______________
19559 characters17.6_____
1956 – 19619 characters1________
19509 charsL________ or R________
1962 – 19799_________
1948 – 19498.8______
1950 – 19538.6______
1954 – 19558.7______
1948 – 19497_______
1948 Prototypes3R__ or L__

New Engine Number Formats

10GxxxxxxSeries IIIpetrol3528ccV8
10Hxxxxxx90/110petrol2286cc8:1 CR
11GxxxxxxSeries IIIpetrol3528ccV8 (detoxed)
11Hxxxxxx90/110petrol2286cc8:1 CR (detoxed)
11Jxxxxxx90/110diesel2495ccLate military spec (19J block)
11LxxxxxxDefender 200TDIdiesel2495ccV8 (Australia)
12GxxxxxxSeries IIIpetrol3528cc
12LxxxxxxDiscovery 200TDIdiesel2495ccManual transmission
13Hxxxxxx90/110petrol2286cc7:1 CR
13LxxxxxxDiscovery 200TDIdiesel2495ccautomatic transmission
141xxxxxxSeries IIpetrol1997cc
146xxxxxxSeries IIdiesel2052cc
14Gxxxxxx90/110 V8petrol3528cc
14Jxxxxxx90/110diesel2495ccEx London taxi
14LxxxxxxRange Rover Classic 200TDidiesel2495ccmanual transmission
151xxxxxxSeries IIpetrol2286cc
156xxxxxxSeries IIdiesel2052cc
15Gxxxxxx90/110petrol3528ccV8 Detoxed
15Jxxxxxxex Sherpa vandiesel2495cc
15LxxxxxxRange Rover Classic 200TDidiesel2495ccautomatic transmission
16LxxxxxxDiscovery/Defender 300TDIdiesel2495cc
17Hxxxxxx90/110petrol2495cc8:1 CR
21LxxxxxxDiscovery/Defender 300TDIdiesel2495cc
23LxxxxxxDiscovery/Defender 300TDIdiesel2495cc
236xxxxxxSeries IIApetrol2286ccFitted to 88 inch airportable
241xxxxxxSeries IIApetrol2286cc8:1 CR
251xxxxxxSeries IIApetrol2286cc7:1 CR
252xxxxxxSeries IIApetrol2286cc7:1 CR
253xxxxxxSeries IIApetrol2286cc7:1 CR
271xxxxxxSeries IIAdiesel2286cc
276xxxxxxSeries IIAdiesel2286cc
286xxxxxxSeries IIApetrol2286ccForward Control
300xxxxxxSeries IIApetrol2625ccForward Control
325xxxxxxSeries IIBpetrol2286ccForward Control
330xxxxxxSeries IIBpetrol2625ccForward Control
335xxxxxxSeries IIBpetrol2286ccForward Control
345xxxxxxSeries IIApetrol2625cc
361xxxxxxSeries IIIpetrol2286cc58:1 CR
364xxxxxxSeries IIIpetrol2286cc57:1 CR
366xxxxxxSeries IIIdiesel2286cc5
895xxxxxxSeries IIIdiesel2286cc3Fitted to 88 inch airportable for export
901xxxxxxSeries IIIpetrol2286cc38:1 CR
902xxxxxxSeries IIIpetrol2286cc38:1 CR
903xxxxxxSeries IIIpetrol2286cc38:1 CR
904xxxxxxSeries IIIpetrol2286cc37:1 CR
906xxxxxxSeries IIIdiesel2286cc3
941xxxxxxSeries IIIpetrol2625cc
951xxxxxxSeries IIIpetrol2286cc3Fitted to 88 inch airportable

Winter Bodges and Additions

:: With the winter weather coming in fast, I decided to try and stop the wind blowing in through the top of the door. Some Sugru  ( in the top-left (and a wipe of 3-in-one on the rubber to stop it sticking to that) was the order of the day. I’ll let you know if it works when I drive it next!

:: Starter isolation – I added one of those ‘aircraft style’ isolation switches to the starter motor relay wire – looks great and will keep joyriders confused as the ignition lights all still work, just no turnover of the engine!

:: Shovel inside the back-door – I need to update the pic, but the ‘outlaws’ bought me a military shovel to adorn the bonnet with… nice 🙂

:: LED Strip light (less that 1mm thick) stuck on the underside of the edge of the dashboard. Now I can see to get in it in the dark!

:: Decals for the switches 🙂

:: Headlight Warning Buzzer [guide here] – to stop me flattening the battery!

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