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Windows Mobile – Top 10 App’s

November 17th, 2008 No comments
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Hi All,

I’ve had my trusty Samsung i600 for some time now, and I feel that I finally have it working to the point where everything I actually use is now installed on it!

So, here are my top 10 downloads / purchases for the i600

1. Windows Mobile 6

Yes, if you bought your phone a while ago, then you definately need Windows Mobile 6. It’s faster, more stable, and has a few new features. You can upgrade this yourself on the Samsung website, or (if like me) if you have Orange UK, follow my guide [here]

2. SDA_ApplicationUnlock.exe [sda_unlock Download]

This smart little applet allows you to run ‘unsigned’ applications on your Windows Mobile device. Obviously care should be taken, but generally, as long as you know what you are doing, all should be fine. I’ve tested this unlocker on the HTC Touch, HTC Touch Diamond and the Samsung i600 without any issues.

3. BirdieSync (commercial, but worth it!) []

This applet basically crowbar’s itself into Microsoft’s ActiveSync, and thereby allows you to syncronise your Windows PocketPC / Smartphone with Thunderbird. Not only will it sync emails &  contacts, it will also sync with Sunbird and Lightning! Well worth the €19

4. Google Maps [] (See item 10 as well!)

Ok… I know that i600 doesn’t have GPS built it, but as a ‘quick hack’, you can use an external GPS mouse, and armed with Google Maps, get a rudimentary Sat Nav. Obviously there are limitations dues to download speeds, and of course data costs need to be taken into consideration, but as a stop-gap this works well.

5. Ilium Software’s Screen Capture []

This great little application allows you to take screen shots of your Windows Mobile device for inclusion in Blogs (I use it here a lot) or just for tech support purposes.

6. Mobile Registry Editor [Mobile Registry Editor Download]

This is probably one of the best registry editors for Mobile devices that I have come across. It runs on your PC (rather than the device), and uses ActiveSync as a conduit to access the registry. It’s fast, and easy to use. What more do you need?

7. BTCrawler [btcrawler-v110-beta Download]

This tool allows you to go a bit of Bluejacking on your Windows Smartphone or Pocket PC. The author of this software ( had to withdraw it after Germany brought in anti-hacking laws. Unfortunately some useful tools, such as this, suddenly became illegal. In any case, you can download it here (among other places), and it is great for diagnosing issues with handsfree kits etc.

8. BTARouter – Commercial []

This commercial application (costs about £5) allows you to route all the Audio from your mobile device (MP3’s, games etc) into your Bluetooth headset.

9. Quickmark[]

You will notice that there is a 2d ‘barcode’ on the home page of my blog – these are call QR Codes. You can see similar ones on other websites (I think Makezine used to have them…). The applet makes use of your Smartphone’s camera in order to ‘read’ the barcode. Once decrypted, it will then give the the ability to visit the site (for URL’s) or dial the telephone number. The applet is suprisingly fast (takes about 1/10th of a sec to pick up the details) and works flawlessly on my i600. Each screen capture is stored in the ‘My Documents’ folder on the mobile device as serialised BMP files, e.g. sshot000.bmp, sshot001.bmp etc.

10. GPS Test (Free) []

This is a handy free took from Chartcross that gives you the means to test an external GPS mouse on your Windows mobile device.

Feel free to comment with more useful tools for us Windows Mobile 6 users!


Disable Picsel Image viewer on a Blackjack (or any WM6 device)

June 6th, 2008 No comments
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Hi Happy readers,

Those of you that have a WM5 or WM6 device know the horror of Picsel – yes that interminable wait as you watch the spinner on your screen whilst it loads.

I have a nice easy solution for you!

This registry hack reverts all image views back to the default WM5/6 built-in viewer.

I suggest using “Mobile Registry Editor” by Breaksoft for this.

Change the "Default" value from “picselifv.exe” “%1" компютри втора употребаto “pimg.exe” “%1"

This takes instant effect, and makes for a much happier user :o)


6th June 08

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HTC Touch – Unlocking and BT DUN (Get your TomTom working!)

February 14th, 2008 4 comments
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Can’t make it to the casino because your TomTom’s broken? Don’t worry, you can still rock any blackjack game online with your knowledge of black jack rules and black jack strategies from!

Hi All,

Well once again I have a new phone!

HTC Touch

It seems that Orange UK wanted to upgrade my business account (saving me £2000+ per year) and give me 6 new phones in the process!

The one I decided to play with is the HTC Touch, and obviously I had to get under the bonnet and have a little ‘tweak’ :o)


Ok, this is pretty straighforward. All you need to do is run two apps on the HTC, and one on your PC to recover the 8-digit lock code.

Here are the exact steps:-

  • Download HTC Unlocker (Google to find it!)
  • Connect your Phone and establish the usual Activesync Connection.
  • Browse the the ‘My Documents’ folder on the phone and place the and the in there
  • Run and by using “File Explorer” -Click through any warnings
  • ON YOUR PC: Run Touch_Unlock.exe
  • A few moments later you will seea file appear in the folder called Unlock_Result.exe
  • Open HxD.exe and drag Unlock_Result.exe onto it.
  • Look for your IMEI Number (its under your battery) and find it in the Hex File. The 8 Digits that appear after it are the unlock code.
  • Place a Sim card from a different provider in your phone, and enter the 8 digit number when prompted (I had to do this twice on my phone)

Unlock Hex Editor Screen Capture

As you can see, my unlock code was 55644428, but obviously that is tied to my IMEI number (before you try it!) – you will also note that I wiped out the last 4 digits of my IMEI (didn’t want the world to know that info!)

Bluetooth DUN (Dial Up Networking)

As you will know from my previous experiences with trying to get my TomTom working on the Samsung i600, it is almost impossible due to the BT DUN being removed from WM6. Well all is not lost my friends – it seems that on the HTC Touch (and maybe other HTC phones as well), you can install a .cab file that restores this functionality.

Instructions again:-

  • Download the WM6 BT DUN Cabinet File [WM6 BT DUN]
  • Unzip to Desktop on your PC
  • Browse your HTC through ActiveSync and place in “My Documents” on the phone
  • ON THE PHONE:Using File Explorer, run the file and click through any warnings
  • Reset your phone
  • Run TomTom’s “New Phone” process.

I would recommend updating your TomTom using the TomTom Home application first. These updates seem to really help when it comes to setting up phones, and mine even downloaded the (600 contact!) telephone directory off my HTC without a hitch.

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Overclocking the EeePC, Script goodies and Bluetooth

January 28th, 2008 No comments
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Dear Avid Reader,

Since getting my Eee PC, I’ve been reading about the ability to overclock the FSB (Front Side Bus). This bus has the capability of running at 100mhz (as opposed to the default 70mhz). The net effect of this is that the CPU speed increases to 900 Mhz from the normal 630 Mhz (which is 70% of 900 Mhz of course!). You must if course be running Ubuntu to do this!

Once you have downloaded the scripts from [here], run the following commands from within the unpacked archive:

sudo ./
sudo ./ all

Then reboot your EeePC

After doing this, Pressing Fn-F6 will automatically enable the FSB increase, and various other fixes for the EeePC will start working, namely;

  • Asus Eee kernel modules
  • ACPI support (suspend, hotkeys)
  • overclocking code
  • Wifi support
  • Sound
  • Boot speed
  • Additional software sources
  • Skype two way video

All this can be found on the Ubuntu Eee Wiki located here:

Now I know that I have already told you how to do a lot of this in my article about installing Ubuntu on an EeePC, but this does take a lot of the hassle out of it, and it definately gets the overclocking working!

Bluetooth [photopress:trust_usb_bt.jpg,full,alignright]

There has been lots of mods popping up lately that allows you to install a Bluetooth dongle inside your EeePC utilising the additional USB connections that are hidden on the motherboard… well you could of course use a tiny USB dongle like this. You can pick these up for £10, and its a lot less hassle than getting the soldering iron out! One supplier is Novatech [link]


Samsung SGH-i600 WM6 Upgrade (Yes… even if you are on Orange!)

January 16th, 2008 118 comments
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: It seems that a few users have managed to completely ‘brick’ their i600’s by putting i607 software on them (or visa-versa) – The two flash files are not interchangeable – if you use the wrong flash file on your phone, you may well permanantly ‘brick’ it. Please also note: The information provided here is based on my own experience of upgrading my i600, and any Firmware files I link to are for the i600 European version only. You use this information at your own risk.

Again: The instructions here are for a European i600 **NOT** a USA i607. If you try this on an AT&T i607, you *will* brick your phone.

Dearest Fanboys (and girls),

As you know; I am a great fan of my Samsung SGH-i600, but I have a little bad news for you… The *Free* WM6 Upgrade that is supplied on the Samsung Website [link] will not work on the ‘Orange’ branded units, or even those that have been ‘debranded’ :o( – I have tested this using the various methods (and wiping my phone on each occasion!) in order to prove that it can’t be done.

Curse you Orange, and curse your nasty branded interfaces….

However…. A look at the MoDaCo Wiki [Link] shows a WM6 Flash (not official) !!! – So… I downloaded the 60Mb File, and lo and behold, WM6 on my Samsung – Wooo Hoooooo.

Here are the instructions in Full:-

Please Note: This is entirely at your own risk, and any damage caused directly or indirectly by this information is entirely your responsibility. If you brick your phone, don’t come crying to me – you have been warned!

  • Make sure you have ActiveSync 4.5 or higher installed.
  • BACKUP YOUR PHONE -Use ActiveSync to backup the contacts, and browse to the phone for images / mp3’s etc.
  • Download the Modem Driver (required for ‘Flashing’) [ZIP] and install it.
  • Download the i600UXXGG2 WM6 RAR file and unpack [Link to MoDoCo page] [Alternative Link to RapidShare Download of the same file]
  • Ensure that you ‘disable‘ the USB Connection in the ActiveSync Connection Settings whilst you attempt this.
  • Place phone into ‘Flasher Mode’ (click on image for larger view) How to place i600 into ‘Flash’ mode
  • Run the WM6 upgrader – Ensure that you have a fully charged battery, and that you don’t interrupt the (rather long) upgrade process – it will say complete several times… wait until the ‘Flasher’ screen disappears off the phone. (NOTE: Can take up to 5 mins)
  • Wait for phone to reboot – it takes about 5 mins to complete the process – be patient whilst its on the Windows Mobile Screen!!!
  • Wait for the phone to reboot again… (normal startup speed this time!)
  • Restore the USB connection in ActiveSync
  • Restore all your images / mp3s and re-sync your contacts.

WM6 Flasher Upgrade

Once completed, if you should see version CE OS 5.2.1437 – i600UXXGG2

WM6 Version Screen

You’ll notice it says 5.2 – well that is the official internal version number for WM6!


Well… you’ll notice that some of the icons have been improved. There is a new ‘Windows Live’ screen (Search and Live login), a Live Messenger icon and it seems a bit faster. I’ll update this as I use it over the next few days….

Some more Blackjack / SGH-i600 goodies for you;

  1. Samsung i600 User Guide [PDF]
  2. Modem Driver (required for ‘Flashing’) [ZIP]
  3. Alternative WM6 Upgrade Instructions (if you haven’t got a UK ‘Orange’ version… Grrr) [Link]
  4. Top 10 Applications for Windows Mobile [Link]
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